Easy Docker LaTeX Setup with vscode and Grammarly

Michael L.
2 min readApr 16, 2020

LaTeX is a document preparation system, which enables to produce .pdf documents from text and commands for formatting. I use it to write academic research papers and other documents, like my résumé.

I wanted an easy setup for an powerful LaTeX environment using an extensible IDE with Grammar.ly integration, running in Docker so my system stays clean.

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So the requirements for the setup were:

  • Works on Windows and Linux
  • Uses Visual Studio Code (vscode) as editor
  • Grammar.ly integration
  • Uses texlive-full together with biber and latexmk
  • … but without installing them to my system
  • Should not require more than a few clicks (or commands) to set up


Thanks to the awesome vscode extension latex-workshop, which recently added Docker support, this was quite easy to achieve.


  • Docker
  • vscode

Here are the steps:

  1. Install these two vscode extensions: latex-workshop, Grammarly
  2. Set “latex-workshop.docker.enabled”: true in your vscode settings
  3. Build your project with latex workshop

Additional Setup

If you have a Grammarly account, log in by specifying

"grammarly.username": "your grammarly email",
"grammarly.password": "your grammarly password",

I also like to add the following configuration values:

// Grammarly acadmic writing style
"grammarly.domain": "academic",
// always open pdf preview in new vscode tab
"latex-workshop.view.pdf.viewer": "tab",

I also use the vscode Material Icon Theme plugin in my LaTeX projects.

Which vscode plugins do you use in your LaTeX projects?

Have fun!



Michael L.

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