The last few weeks, I worked on my Smarthome, which I built with HomeAssistant. But then a seemingly easy-to-fix problem occurred. Some services like Google Home needed to access my Smarthome from the public internet. Creating an IPv4 port share is really simple with my FRITZ!Box router. But I don’t have a dedicated IPv4. To still be able to connect to IPv4 services, I use a shared IPv4 through a DS-Lite tunnel. This is also called Dual-Stack Lite.

So then, just create a port share on IPv6 to my Smarthome device.

Well, yes, but it’s not that easy

  1. It just…

Plesk is a commonly used webspace control panel, and thanks to the free Plesk Git extension, it is possible to automatically deploy all your changes from any CI.

Dreaming about a setup where you just push your changes, and they will be immateriality live?

It’s possible! I use Hugo and NPM to build my static websites and deploy them automatically from GitHub/GitLab to my Plesk webspace.

So how is this possible? The secret is the Plesk Git extension, which can pull any git repository as soon as a webhook is called (this extension has to be installed by your provider…

💬 A list of my favorite quotes.

“A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.” — Douglas Adams

From the ingenious book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams which is also famous for the number 42 ( Wiki).

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” — Unknown

Even though this quote is often being attributed to Albert Einstein, the origin of this quote is actually not known ( Source). Related xkcd. …

Seeing those awesome FPV videos that randomly pop up in my YouTube recommendations, I wanted to try out this hobby. But it looked like you need tons of technical skills and money to get started. But it is not as bad as it seems!

The sky is not the limit by Johnny FPV

It is not as expensive as it seems (at least as a starter), but you still need to buy a lot of equipment. So before buying all that stuff, try out FPV in a simulator. The two most popular simulators are Liftoff and Velocidrone. The first one…

LaTeX is a document preparation system, which enables to produce .pdf documents from text and commands for formatting. I use it to write academic research papers and other documents, like my résumé.

I wanted an easy setup for an powerful LaTeX environment using an extensible IDE with integration, running in Docker so my system stays clean.

Photo by ron dyar on Unsplash


So the requirements for the setup were:

  • Works on Windows and Linux
  • Uses Visual Studio Code (vscode) as editor
  • integration
  • Uses texlive-full together with biber and latexmk
  • … but without installing them to my system
  • Should not require more than a few…


I was asked to create digital signage using a Raspberry Pi 4, displaying upcoming events of a club based in Munich.

The digital sign running in a club in Munich.

One requirement was, to implement an automated setup so that it can be quickly deployed to new devices.

After a bit of research, I found DietPi which is a lightweight OS based on Debian. DietPi is configured using a config file. In there, system settings can be configured. DietPi will then set up your system on the first run using those settings. It is also possible to automatically launch a Chromium instance on a specific URL after starting up.

Boxstarter: Start the installation

I like to have the same configuration & software on all my systems. I also do not want to spend hours on my setup, while resetting my machine or setting up a new one. With Linux, this has always been pretty easy: Just put your dotfiles on a git repo and clone them when you set up a new machine.

Microsoft is currently working on enhancing the development experience on Windows. They are actively working on a new terminal emulator, a window manager, a way to use Linux on your Windows machine and more.

Two years ago they started working…

Photo by Lux Interaction on Unsplash

To conclude my bachelor in computer science, I wrote my thesis about using a Smartphone as an interaction device for Virtual Reality. This article is basically a summary of my thesis as a blog. Enjoy!


Virtual Reality is an emerging medium that enables presence and interactivity in a three-dimensional space. Conventional input devices like a mouse or a keyboard are made for two-dimensional environments. They require complex movements to complete tasks in a three-dimensional environment.

„Können Maschinen denken?“ Diese Frage (engl. „Can machines think?“) stellte sich Alan Turing bereits 1950 in seiner bahnbrechenden Arbeit „Computing Machinery and Intelligence“ [Ala50]. Auch heute noch, ist dies ein stark umstrittenes und häufig diskutiertes Thema. Dieses Essay soll sich mit der Frage beschäftigen, inwiefern Computer wirklich denken können.

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Laut Alan Turing hängt die Antwort auf die Frage, ob (digitale) Maschinen, also Computer, denken können, davon ab, wie man „Maschine“ und „denken“ definiert [Ala50]. Da bei gegebener Fragestellung bereits „Computer“ anstatt „Maschine“ verwendet wird, wird im Folgendem von einem (digitalen) Computer als Maschine ausgegangen. Laut Brunjes ist ein Computer eine…

Bis zum Jahr 2021 wird sich gegenüber dem Jahr 2016 laut TechNavio der Wert des Gamification-Markts verdoppeln [BUS]. Die Relevanz des Themas wird nicht nur durch die steigende Anzahl der akademischen Arbeiten über Gamification sichtbar, sondern spiegelt sich auch in den zahlreichen erfolgreichen Startups wider, die sich auf genau dieses Thema fokussieren [HKS14]. Aber was ist Gamification überhaupt und welchen Einfluss hat es auf Anwendungssoftware? Dieses Essay soll sich mit der Frage beschäftigen, welchen Einfluss die Konzepte und Techniken von Computerspielen auf andere Anwendungen haben.

Gamification ist ein sogenanntes Buzzword oder auch Modewort aus dem Englischen, das die Verwendung von…

Michael L.

M. Sc Informatics Student in Munich, Germany. Full-stack software engineer.

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